Low pH Laundry Detergent
Low pH Laundry Detergent

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Since 1996, BeNew has been manufacturing laundry detergent for dry cleaners, and we were alwaydetermined to enhance our products - to make them highly effecient in removing the stains while being gentle on our skin. As a result, we have recently developed and released our latest product, BeNew Low pH Laundry Detergent. 


We are so happy to report that our customers who have been using our products for over 10 years are quite excited about our latest release. Not only are we confident that our happy customers will be keep on using our products, we are now expanding our market to retail and household customers.


We currently manufacture wet cleaning detergent, sizing and softener, and we will continue to develop and enhance our products as we expand our product line to comprehensive specialty cleaning products for dry cleaning, wet cleaning and commercial laundry.

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