Low pH Laundry Detergent
Low pH Laundry Detergent

Testimonials from Our Customers

Here's what our happy customers are saying about BeNew.

Our Happy Customer #1

"The best thing I love about BeNew is that it leaves no residue. I notice a huge difference between BeNew and other products I have previously used in this regard. Another thing is that the colors don't fade as much, not to mention that my clothes feel so fresh!"
-- Sue H., La Mirada, CA

Our Happy Customer #2

"I love BeNew detergent! I am quite sensitive to residue left on the fabric, so I've been using an Amway product for a while although it is quite expensive. But having given BeNew a try, I notice that it leaves no residue and it feels so crisp and clean. BeNew is unscented, so it does not have overpowering scent either; just freshness."
-- Deborah C., La Habra, CA

Our Happy Customer #3

"I want to give a shout out for this amazing laundry detergent by BeNew. My clothes feel so much cleaner, and I have learned that it's because it's an acidic detergent which inherently makes it more efficient in its cleaning power, all without fading the colors. Not only that, it's safe and gentle on my skin because it leaves my clothes virtually free of soap residue. I also love that it saves me money, because it is a concentrated formula and it doesn't require that I use hot water. I am so glad that I gave BeNew a try. I simply love it!"
-- Okkwon K, Irvine, CA

Our Happy Customer #4

"Compared to other health conscious detergents out there, BeNew seems to have more cleaning power. I notice that it produces more suds even in cold water and that I could use less amount per load; I believe that's because it's a concentrated formula. Also, I like that it is fragrance free; it feels like I'm washing my clothes with mountain spring water. I will be ordering some more BeNew very soon for myself and also for my grandchild who has eczema."
-- Cennie K, Fullerton, CA

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